1. The Tears in Your Eyes- Prince
2. Strummage- Vees
3. On Wet Roads On Autumn Nights- Stiefel
4. Your Cry Will Be a Whisper (1)- Asia
5. Your Cry Will Be a Whisper(2)- Asia
6. Your Cry Will Be a Whisper(3)- Asia
7. Sonatina- Lennon
8. Purple Rain- Prince
9. Kiss- Prince
10. Let's Go Crazy- Prince
11. Satyagraha- Verdery
12. Soepa(1)- Marshall
13. Soepa(2)- Marshall
14. Soepa(3)- Marshall

Benjamin Verdery, guitar
Muschkatweek Records (MR200)
© 2001 Verdery Music (BMI)

Produced by Benjamin Verdery and Dominic Barbera
Edited, mixed and mastered by Dominic Barbera
Engineers: Dominic Barbera, John Kiehl, and Bill Kovatch
Recorded from 1999-2001 at Soundtrack Studios, New York, NY