composers who have written for ben

Dan Asia

Solo Guitar
Your Cry Will Be A Whisper // Publisher: Marion/Pressser
Songs of Transcendence // Publisher: Dan Asia Music

Flute and Guitar
Embers // Publisher: Dan Asia Music

Flute, Guitar, Cello and Soprano
Sacred Songs // Publisher: Dan Asia Music

Kathryn Alexander

The Curve As It Turns
... a simple ground...

Seymour Bernstein

Solo Guitar
Searching for a Chorale // Publisher: Doberman-Yppan

Martin Bresnick

Solo Guitar
Jaoquin is Dreaming // Publisher: Carl Fisher

Elizabeth Brown

Theramin and Guitar
Atlantis // Publisher: Quetzal Music

Ernesto Cordero

Flute and guitar
Fantasia Mulata // Publisher : Berben

Bryce Dessner

Solo guitar

Guitar and string quartet
Music for High Strings

Aaron Jay Kernis

Flute and guitar

Ezra Laderman

Solo Guitar
On Vineyard Sound // Publisher: Shirmers Music

Hannah Lash

Electric guitar
For Ben

David Leisner

Solo Guitar
Four Pieces // Publisher: Theodore Presser
Freedom Fantasie No.3, from Freedom Fantasies // Publisher: Doberman-Yppan

John Anthony Lennon

Solo Guitar
Sonatina “ after an Enchantress” // Publisher: Michael Lorimer/ New York

Anthony Newman

Solo Guitar
Variations and Grand Contrapunctus
Suite For Guitar
Ride The wind Horse

Duo guitars
The Gigue is Up: Written for John Williams and Benjamin Verdery

Flute and guitar
Suite for Flute and Guitar: Written for the Schmidt Verdery Duo // Publisher: T.D. Ellis

Ingram Marshall

Electric Classical Guitar with delay and loops

Solo Guitar
Singular Flow

Alto Flute and Guitar
The Mentioning of Love, written for the Schmidt Verdery Duo

Concerto for Classical and Electric guitar
Dark Florescence, written for Andy Summers and Benjamin Verdery // Publisher: Peer Music

Roberto Sierra

Solo Guitar
Tocatta Y Lamento

Flute and Guitar
Primera Cronica del Descubrimiento written for the Schmidt Verdery Duo // Publisher: Editions Orphee

Van Steifel

Solo Guitar
On Wet Roads on Autumn Nights // Publisher: Tuscany Music

Chris Theofanidis

Solo Guitar
January Echoes // Publisher: Opus 125 Publishing

Jack Vees

Electric Classical Guitar and Delay

Electric Guitar and Tape
National Anthem

Solo Guitar
Auditorio // Publisher: Leisure Planet Music