Dear Friends,

Over a week ago the world lost one of its most innovative and extraordinary musicians in Prince. What a brutal shock this loss was for us. Prince was the person who was going to continue to create and perform into his 90’s and then some. His unrelenting creativity gave us the impression he was invincible and eternal. Prince was the energizer musician who just keeps on playing. Sadly for us he wasn’t. He was a human filled with human struggles and contradictions. His passing is fresh over a week later… maybe more painful. I listen to his songs like millions and tears well up. Why? Because for one, he often transcended himself, his instrument and actually became one with music. There was no filter, nothing in his way, he got right to it and lived inside whatever song he was playing. Prince really, really loved music and musicians of all shapes and sizes. If you ever saw Prince perform, you certainly would never forget it. At a Prince concert you danced, your jaw dropped in awe, you sang along, you laughed and every one was right there with you. And maybe.... he might drive a vintage car on stage and start shooting hoop as he did when I saw him on the Love Sexy tour. Prince wasn’t afraid to be completely who he was at all times and it wasn’t always pretty. I remember how irritated I got when he smashed the guitar of the guitarist from the Jimmy Fallon show.

In addition, I remember getting so irritated with certain recordings that appeared like rehashes and not what I thought he could or should be doing. Imagine that!!! Who the hell cares what I think Prince should be writing, least of all Prince?! But still I did. How do I feel about judging Prince that way? I’ve now been listening to the various albums I questioned, and they sound great.

Prince was family. My children grew up listening to tons of his songs from Purple Rain, Cream, Raspberry Beret, Sign O' the Times to tunes from The Vault like Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow. There are so many deeply musical Prince tunes of varying styles and emotions, it’s dizzying, including many stirring instrumentals.

Prince could just plain be funny. Even when he didn’t mean to be, he was. It was part of his charm. One of the greatest comedians of any era is Dave Chappelle and if Dave thinks you’re funny, you are. Watch his skit about Prince playing ball. BTW, check out Prince's clothes and style through the years. Wonderful!

I’m writing now because just this morning another one of my friends, knowing how much I loved Prince, wrote me to ask how I took it. It’s been very touching to me how many have written and called as if Prince was blood.

So, I thought I would write something directly from the heart, no filter, like brother Prince.

I was more than gratified to know that apparently back in the day when I released my four arrangements, (Kiss, Purple Rain, Lets Go Crazy, 4 the Tears in Your Eyes) Prince was aware of them and was pleased. He apparently mentioned it on his website at the time. Visit my FaceBook page for my 15 sec. instagram video that I did the day he passed. Below are links to each of the arrangements. They appeared on my 2000 CD Soepa. As some of you know, I have been playing Kiss in concert for the past few years. Music joins us all. Thanks Prince for bringing us together, now and 4ever. We love you!


Purple Rain
Let’s Go Crazy
4 the Tears In Your Eyes