Mushkatweek Records (100)
© 2002 Verdery Music (BMI)

All compositions by Benjamin Verdery

Benjamin Verdery, guitar
John Marshall, percussion
Keith Underwood, flutes
Vicki Bodner, oboe
Harvie Swartz, bass
Sanghamitra Chatterjee, vocals Chant for Peace

Executive Producer: John Kiehl
Chief Engineer: Dominic Barbera
Mixed by: Dominic Barder, Vicki Bodner, Keith Underwood, and Benjamin Verdery
Recorded at Sound Track Studios, New York



1. Seattle
2. Song Before Spring
3. Voices in the Pajaro Valley
4. Prelude and Wedding Dance
5. In the Garden
6. Midnight Mango
7. Ellis Island
8. Ua Apuakea
9. Firefly
10. Groundhog Day
11. Chant for Peace